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Affordable Logistics Services

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Not Your Average 3PL Delivery Partner

Warehousing and Fulfillment Solutions

Advanced software solutions to automate storing, distribution, packaging, and shipping of e-commerce goods, boosting revenue through a perfect track record of customer satisfaction and delivery in a timely manner, making us USA’s no.1 delivery service provider.

Delivery and Shipping Solutions

Empowering e-commerce and retail businesses to make the most of our in-house shipping solutions as well as 3rd party carriers to ensure our delivery services remain affordable and efficient. 6G Logistic allows our members to analyze and compare competitive shipping rates and choose the best fit.

Our list of delivery services does not end here. We’ll adapt to your particular needs.

Our list of services does not end here. We’ll adapt to your particular needs.

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Logistics Solutions

Providing advice based on your situation using our supply chain solutions to guide you and your business better.


What Makes Us the Best in the Business

Our goal lies in helping your company flourish by determining weaknesses and bottlenecks within operations by using our supply network design to help better manage inventory, pick n pack, and last-mile delivery. We use 3rd party integrations with marketplaces and shipping carriers to fulfill both current and future logistic needs. To date, we’ve helped hundreds of USA Start-Ups and mid-tier companies secure a stable future, all within a day’s work. Our renowned overnight delivery services in USA make us one of the more active and responsive logistics partners, so when you’re dealing with us, rest assured because we always get our clients’ positive results.

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Why 6g logistics?

Our expert team has specialized in supply chain and e-commerce logistics., making us the perfect 3PL partner for you.

We Understand the Business

Fostering growth through determining weaknesses and bottlenecks within the operations and identifying potential solutions to optimize performance SUPPLY NETWORK DESIGN and choosing the best inventory management, pick n pack, and last-mile services with the agility of 3rd party integrations with marketplaces and shipping carriers to fulfill both current and future business requirements.

We Deliver with Efficiency

We streamline warehousing and fulfillment needs for a smooth supply chain process with efficiency and hassle-free storage. Our experienced team aids in the growth of your business with the help of dynamic insights and lead analysis at your fingertips.

We Provide Tailor-Made Solutions

We provide tailor-made supply chain solutions according to your business needs. From online orders to customizable packing: from labeling to dispatching, 6g Logistic is the solution.

How We Help Businesses Across the World

6G Logistic offers cloud-based software with complete warehousing and shipping solutions. With a proven advanced software solution for storage management, order management, fulfillment, and shipping

Don’t Do it Alone

We understand that you might not be a shipping expert. We have people who are – and they are available via phone, email, and chat to lend a hand. Then you can get back to what you are an expert in your business.

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