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10 Reasons Why You Should Select An Expert E-commerce Logistics Company

When it comes to having your packages delivered cost-effectively, you should look into a courier service or e-commerce logistics company like the ones provided by 6g Logistics. Let’s look at the benefits of using a courier service instead of a parcel service or other delivery option.

24/7 Available Courier Delivery Services

Whether it’s a night, weekend, or holiday, 6g Logistics provides delivery options for your packages at any time. Other parcel service companies can’t offer that and do not deliver on off-hours.

We save your business money – Affordable Delivery Services

When using us as your courier service, you eliminate the need for company fleets in-house, temporary fleet drivers during times of employee absentees, or even seasonal workers during your busiest months. In return, it will save you not only time but money as well. You can focus more on selling your product, not managing how your product will get delivered.

Overnight Delivery in California

When it comes to last-minute deliveries, courier services like 6g Logistics can pick up and deliver your packages. Our courier service, along with others out there, uses ground transportation to deliver your packages. So assuming standard driving times from pickup to its delivery location are reachable on the same day, we can get your package to its desired location.

Cost-Effective Solution:

When it comes to courier services, distance is the factor that we charge by. Whether you are sending a package that weighs 15 pounds or 150 pounds, we don’t charge by the size parcel, unlike parcel service companies. Also, if you compare the pricing between overnighting a package 50 miles versus sending it through us, you can see the difference in pricing, and we are the more affordable one.

Professional eCommerce Warehouse & Logistics Management

Here at 6g Logistics, we offer unique delivery options that include door-to-door deliveries. Because of this, we can provide items that are not necessarily able to travel through parcel companies. For example, you can ship perishable food items or even medications. We can even make repeat shipments for you, so we can do it if you have a monthly prescription that you need to deliver.

Safe – We handle with Care

At 6g Logistics, we have dispatchers who work around the clock along with the ability to track your package right on our website. We also provide insurance and performance standards for all of our drivers and do background checks. This way, your package is in the safest hands possible, and you can track it in real time right on our website.

3PL Delivery Partner

It helps to save customers money as we combine our deliveries within similar routes that are being taken. These costs are drivers less time and resources to get your package to you, which costs you less money to deliver your parcel to your door.

Personalized Shipping Services

Every customer we have is different. They run other companies and have different needs associated with their work. One size fits all, as parcel services do, doesn’t make sense to us. We provide customizable services for whatever your needs may be. That little bit of personalized touch is what makes 6g Logistics a better choice.

A Complete E-commerce Delivery Solution

When a package needs to be at a store, there is no time for delay, and a sense of urgency occurs when it comes to retail business. When you work with us, your customers will never have to wait weeks for a package to arrive when it can be there the same day. We help build customer satisfaction, improve sales, and lead to brand loyalty because your customers are guaranteed their items.

Reliable Shipping Solutions California

When choosing a courier service like 6g Logistics, a factor that you should consider is the reliability factor. We ensure that your packages will arrive on time and in good condition. Whether it is sunny and beautiful out or snowing, we give you that reliability. Along with that, we also have real-time tracking so you can always see where your packages are. We will also notify you when your package has reached its destination.

6gLogistics optimizes workflow, gets your company up and running quickly without significant delays, and eases your transportation needs. We’re proud to lead in warehouse and logistics distribution with our knowledgeable staff to assist you in all of your logistical needs.