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5 Rookies Mistakes To Avoid During Delivering Products

On-time delivery of packages is essential to uphold the integrity of a business. Your package arriving on time can make or break your business, especially in the delivery service for e-commerce, with competitors like Amazon in the market. Here are 5 product delivery mistakes that are rookies and must be avoided.

Choosing The Wrong Packaging

One of the number one mistakes we see here at 6G Logistics is that our customers often use the wrong packaging. Our customers usually throw their packages in the first box they see, regardless of how well the contents fit inside.

This matters because the type of packaging significantly changes the cost of shipping. You should always make sure to use a box or envelope that is not too big for your product, saving you and the courier company extra money. If the bag is too big, it will require padding to ensure the safe delivery of your product, hiking up the cost unnecessarily.

Planning ahead for your shipments can help solve this issue. If you know you are going to have to ship specific items, be on the lookout for boxes or envelopes that are the appropriate size. You can also visit your local store and purchase different sizes of boxes and envelopes to find the perfect fit.

Estimating Specific Details

When mailing packages, attention to detail is crucial. You should never assume you can estimate the weight, size, package type, and costs. Instead, you should confirm these details before you ship your package. If the weight differs from the actual weight, you’ll be charged extra for it. This is the type of extra cost that is easily avoidable by paying more attention to detail.

Incorrect Credentials

Another essential component of shipping packages is ensuring that the receiver’s address is correct. Be sure to double-check your package to ensure each part of the address is correct, including the zip code.

The contact information also needs to be accurate, as the driver needs the contact’s name and phone number to track it down in minutes instead of wasting time – and money looking for the needle in a corporate haystack.

Scheduling Early Deliveries

Some people overestimate the time needed to deliver their package.

Suppose you need the same-day delivery service by around 4.30 pm and schedule it for the morning, that can increase your cost by almost 30- 40%. Choose the service that is essential for your products. 6g logistics offers an e-commerce warehouse, giving customers the accessibility to storing and shipping their products without any worries

Choosing The Wrong Service For The Job

Choosing the best option for your package can get quite confusing when you look at all the different options available. Our wide range of delivery scheduling options allows each of our customers to choose a delivery time that fits their schedule and guarantees secure, on-time delivery.

Each of our delivery drivers strives to be professional and courteous at all times. We use the latest technology available to ensure that we can fulfill every delivery request. 6G logistics offers e-commerce warehouse shipping in California, giving our customers a premium delivery service with prompt delivery.

Summing it up!

All in all, solving these few basic and easily fixable mistakes can help you make your business more efficient and sustainable, saving you the extra costs that are easily avoidable.