Get To Know About Us.

6G Logistics is a leading Fulfilment and B2B Logistics Platform specializing in Supply Chain and eCommerce Logistics.

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We Understand the Business

Fostering growth through determining weaknesses and bottlenecks within the operations and identifying potential solutions to optimize performance SUPPLY NETWORK DESIGN and choosing the best inventory management, pick-n-pack, and last-mile services with the agility of 3rd party integrations with marketplaces and shipping carriers to fulfill both current and future business requirements.

warehouse fulfillment

We Deliver with Efficiency

We at 6G logistics, streamline warehousing and fulfillment needs for a smooth supply chain process with efficiency and hassle-free storage. Our experienced team aids in the growth of your business with the help of dynamic insights and lead analysis at your fingertips.

warehouse fulfillment

We Provide Tailor-Made Solutions

We provide tailor-made supply chain solutions according to your business needs. From online orders to customizable packing: from labeling to dispatching, 6g Logistic is the solution.

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Channeling the Funnel

6G Logistic allows for you to focus on your core business and selling channels: while we receive, store, pick n pack and deliver your orders. API integrations allow our team to have real-time access when the buyer clicks buy now.

Receiving and Sorting

Receiving stock from the factory or manufacturer with a complete quality control process is the start of what we perform at our facilities. Every item goes through a physical check and is then scanned before heading into inventory.

warehouse fulfillment
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Stock Management and Fulfilment

With our advanced fulfillment network, we pick, pack and ship your orders following proper 3PL guidelines. Our facilities are equipped with the best solutions to focus and deal with each and every order with dedication.

Returns and Reconciliation

Easy to adapt return labels and real-time inventory updates are key factors for us to accommodate business needs with cost-effective yet promising fulfillment solutions. We deal with enormous amounts of e-commerce clients on a daily basis and we are happy to serve them with their shipping.

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