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Ecommerce Delivery and Shipping Solutions.

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Why 6g Logistic for ecommerce delivery solutions?

6g Logistic is a 3PL ecommerce delivery company with expertise in Delivery and Shipping Solutions. We aim to ensure that e-commerce businesses can ship their goods quickly and cost-effectively worldwide. 

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The more you ship, the more you save with LTL Truck Delivery Service

We ship pallets of all sizes containing overhanging goods. So, all you need is to connect with us, and we’ll simply calculate the space occupied by your pallets and reply with our most competitive price

LTL Truck Delivery Service

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Small Pallet Transportation

If you need to ship smaller loads and are looking for an ecommerce delivery solutions to handle it for you in less, then, you’ve come to the right place. Because our pallet freight services are perfect for businesses searching for reliable ecommerce shipping within one to seven business days and coast-to-coast services. We’re proud to help our clients find a simple pallet transportation solution. Consequently, our Delivery and Shipping Solutions is the best option for businesses of all sizes.

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Same-day Deliveries

Our technology ensures shipment visibility and fast, dependable same-day pickup, saving our customers time and money. And our consistent, on-time performance ensures our customer’s success. Our team can handle airport pickups of customs-cleared freight – regardless of the port of entry.
6g Logsitic’s non-asset-based trucks provide a complete selection of solutions to satisfy almost any truckload transportation need. Therefore, our customers can count on competitive solutions for their dry van, flatbed & specialized shipments with a network of professional transportation providers.

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Over-sized Pallet Deliveries

For deliveries that are less than what will fill a tractor-trailer, you need less-than-truckload (LTL) service. 6g Logistic provides this expedited rush trucking service with our fleet of trucks and vans for cartons and pallets throughout the tri-state area.

For example, we can pick up finished products right off the manufacturing line, deliver them to the distribution facility, load freight from a distribution center, and deliver the goods directly to retail outlets. When the shipment is time-sensitive, call 6g Logistic to manage it.

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With 6g Logistic, You Can Get ecommerce delivery solutions with which you can

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Save from unused cargo space.

Stop wasting your money paying to run half-filled trucks for delivery. Your shipment gets combined with other deliveries with LTL shipping. Hence, you can save money without having to handle the logistics.

Reduce Warehouse Costs With LTL Truck Delivery Service

Don’t wait and stockpile as many products at one time since you can send more shipments when you use LTL shipping. Consequently, LTL reduces your warehousing requirements and creates additional savings every month for your company.

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6G Logistics

Get better Ecommerce Shipping Rates for Delivery and Transportation

The lowest rates are usually reserved for the largest shippers. But when businesses connect with us, even the smallest company can get a reasonable quote for a great ecommerce shipping solution.

Reduce your environmental impact with LTL truck transportation services

Sharing space with other shipments significantly lowers your company’s contribution carbon footprint and helps to keep the planet healthier. Therefore, our ecommerce shipping solutions also contribute to a greener environment.

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Connect with quicker ecommerce delivery and transportation services

In many instances, LTL shipping may be faster for shipping your products. Stop waiting for customers to place enough orders to fill up an entire truckload before shipping items out when you use LTL freight.

Improve shipment security with Box Truck Delivery Service

6g Logistic takes security seriously. Once you hand over your package to us, stop worrying and let us deliver your package safely until it reaches its final destination.

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Track location during sprinters delivery services

Skip the hassle of keeping track of your deliveries. 6g Logistic has top-of-the-line tracking systems so you and your customers can keep your eyes on the shipment’s progress.

Offer customers a variety of Delivery Services in the USA

Do you want to give your customers the option to choose liftgate or inside deliveries? 6g Logistic provides various delivery options to meet the needs of you and your customers.

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Gain access to professional expertise in flatbed trucking delivery service

Most small businesses miss dedicate in-house shippers. When you use LTL shipping, you can take full advantage of the knowledgeable logistics professionals working at these e-commerce shipping companies to improve their practices.


Connect with and meet your customers’ need

6g Logistic’s expert staff and equipped facility meet all your ecommerce shipping solutions  needs. We specialize in LTL transportation, and we have the necessary procedures and safety precautions to make sure that your products are delivered and stored with the best care possible.

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