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Get Affordable Ecommerce Warehouse Logistics in San Diego.

6g Losgitic’s dedicated distribution operations focus on providing service to a single client. In this model, the resources of the facility work as an extension of the client to provide safe, high-quality, cost-effective solutions resulting in a competitive advantage and unparalleled flexibility. Our project team will work with your organization to deliver year-over-year productivity while ensuring your customers’ needs are met with on-time, accurate shipments.

The Expert 3PL Delivery Partner San Diego

Getting your warehouse management right takes time, energy, and people-power -we are here for your business growth. If you own and operate your business then you want to ensure that you have the right solution for your business that doesn’t inflate your overhead costs; that doesn’t mean you have to hire more people; that means that your customers get their orders on time for the lowest possible shipping rate. To get it right, you need a 3PL solution in San Diego.

Whatever your approach, you are sure to find our 3PL San Diego service candid, responsive, flexible, and warm. Our warehouse services team will work diligently to align our solutions with your goals.

On-time & Affordable Delivery Services San Diego

6g Logistic offers your business a purely variable cost structure depending on how much space you need and how many orders your business is likely to fulfill on a daily basis. You can plan with our pay-per-item pricing model that tells you exactly what it costs your business to ship each item you sell. You can set accurate and cost-effective prices for your San Diego 3PL which ensure that your customers get the most competitive price for your products. You manage your overheads cleanly and efficiently, paying only for what your business needs right now while knowing that our scalable options allow you to increase your warehouse storage and order volumes quickly and effectively when your business begins to grow.

Swift 3PL and Courier Delivery Services San Diego

When there is limited on-site space at your place of business; we can receive your product deliveries, store them, and then ship them out in various configurations to your location, to your customers, or anywhere else. This flexibility also allows you to be more responsive to your customers’ needs.

Better Distribution Location for Same-day Delivery Services

Our warehouse management system has easy access to the San Diego region and all major highways; our geographic location enables us to provide same-day delivery services to manage fulfilling high volumes of orders quickly, effectively, and more cheaply than a business owner is likely to manage their own eCommerce logistics while also running a thriving online business

6g Logistic full-service logistics and warehousing services include

Receiving inventory

Full inventory management

Manage “just in time” deliveries of non-perishables for small businesses

Re-box, re-sort and re-label products for resellers

Repacking cartons or pallets for delivery

The light assembly of merchandise out of the box

Same-day deliveries of your products throughout the region

Out-of-region and cross-country shipping via common carrier of your choice or through our brokerage

Product inspection of received goods

Last-mile delivery at a specified time to a specific location.

Retailers, manufacturers, construction professionals, resellers are just a few industries that rely on 6g Logistic for their smaller scale logistics and warehousing needs.

6g Logistic has been a member of the Customized Logistics and Delivery Association (CLDA) since its founding. It is the largest trade association in the industry for providing time-critical and last-mile deliveries.


Connect with and meet your customers’ need

6g Logistic’s expert staff and equipped facility meet all your logistics needs. We specialize in LTL transportation, and we have the necessary procedures and safety precautions to make sure that your products are delivered and stored with the best care possible.

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