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Leading Ecommerce Warehouse Logistics Roseville

The boundary of warehouse management is relatively clear, which can be summarized in three words: receiving, managing, and delivering, “reasonable planning, scientific process, standardized operation, and accurate data” to ensure that customers’ products can enter or leave the warehouse quickly. These efforts will eventually be reflected in the overseas warehouse system, with multi-platform all-channel connection, achieving inventory sharing and collaboration, realizing consistent service for overseas warehouses.

Get Professional eCommerce Logistics Partner in Roseville

The wider storage area of the warehouse makes us the best eCommerce logistic partner in Roseville. Through our professional Warehouse Management System (WMS) and the full connection with the major e-commerce giants, merchants can place orders by our one-stop order fulfillment system and send goods right to their warehouses and clients, which helps your B2B and B2C business succeed.

Systematic & On-time Courier Delivery Services Roseville

The warehouse is managed systematically, allowing customers to place orders directly through the corresponding SKU in the system, choose the logistics service, wait for 15 seconds and the system will automatically assign tracking numbers. The order placed by our one-stop order fulfillment system will be processed on the same day, providing the best logistics experience for the customer.

We guaranteed a standard quality, receiving quality guarantee, storage quality guarantee, accurate operation, standardized operation, accurate data, and an error-free in inventory management.

High-Quality Affordable Delivery Services Roseville

A professional and rigorous quality control process is sure to keep your product return rates in check and maximize client satisfaction.

Because we check the quality as soon as your goods arrive, it gives you a head start on any claims you’d need to lodge with your supplier or manufacturer.

Our logistic expertise allows us to precisely check sizing and GSM. Our partner lab can run more in-depth tests at your requests such as colorimetry, abrasion, or pilling.

Regardless of your industry, we can advise you on sampling strategy so you can find the right balance between quality assurance and cost reduction.

Experience high efficiency, the short delivery time of goods, fast inventory turnover, timeliness guarantee in receiving, picking, packaging and delivery, and high labor productivity.

3pl Delivery Partner Roseville

The best way to improve your warehouse management system (WMS) is to scale your operations effectively. Scaling your operations can be time-consuming and costly. You need to know what it costs to house your stock, how many people you need to pick and pack your customer orders, what kind of logistics company to use for which type of shipment, and the lowest shipping rates available across the logistics providers you have to choose from.

6g Logistic full-service logistics and warehousing services include

Receiving inventory

Full inventory management

Manage “just in time” deliveries of non-perishables for small businesses

Re-box, re-sort and re-label products for resellers

Repacking cartons or pallets for delivery

The light assembly of merchandise out of the box

Same-day deliveries of your products throughout the region

Out-of-region and cross-country shipping via common carrier of your choice or through our brokerage

Product inspection of received goods

Last-mile delivery at a specified time to a specific location.

Retailers, manufacturers, construction professionals, resellers are just a few industries that rely on 6g Logistic for their smaller scale logistics and warehousing needs.

6g Logistic has been a member of the Customized Logistics and Delivery Association (CLDA) since its founding. It is the largest trade association in the industry for providing time-critical and last-mile deliveries.