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The Fastest Ecommerce Warehouse Logistics in San Jose, USA.

Logistics and supply chain management is the formula your business needs for receiving orders, picking and packing them, and then shipping them out to your customers. It requires warehouse management software, warehouse staff, and cost-effective inventory management systems which accurately manage all warehouse functions for optimal performance at the lowest possible cost. If your business is a small eCommerce operation, then your warehousing and logistics operations will most likely be scaled to match. However, operating your own warehouse with your own staff may not be the most cost-effective solution and it may not allow for long-term growth. 6gLogsitic is here to assist you as the best eCommerce and warehouse logistic solution in San Jose, USA.

The Expert 3PL Delivery Partner San Jose

We offer state-of-the-art warehouse management solutions designed to offer your business fast, accurate order fulfillment and optimal customer experience. Our services integrate seamlessly with the existing eCommerce software that you already use for your online store. Your customer orders are delivered directly to our picking queues in real-time and into our warehouse where they are picked and packed by professionals adhering to strict quality control measures and the highest safety protocols. Your customers can access tracking on their orders so that your business remains transparent at all times.

Affordable Delivery Services San Jose

We source the lowest cost shipping for your products so that you can deliver your customers the most competitive shipping rates. We take the nightmare out of customer deliveries by streamlining the supply process and accurately shipping your orders to the right people at the right cost. When you choose 6g Logistic to manage your warehousing operations and logistics solutions, you’re choosing the 3PL specialist service providers who want to deliver the best service at the best price, just like you do. This is what we do best so you have the time and energy to concentrate on what you do best.

Courier Delivery Services San Jose

Working with our team, you can realize supply chain operations that meet your financial objectives in a high-quality environment where personnel is treated with respect. Our team will be proud to deliver excellence in the areas of safety, quality, and year-over-year cost out. Our operations provide you with the flexibility to focus on your core business while we accommodate your growth and improve the control and visibility of your supply chain.6g Logistic’s staff is trained, and the facility is equipped to meet all your logistics needs. Since this is what we specialize in, we have the necessary procedures and safety precautions in place to assure that your products are stored and delivered with the best care possible.

Better Distribution Location for Same-day Delivery Services

If you own and operate your business then you want to ensure that you have the right solution for your business that doesn’t inflate your overhead costs; that doesn’t mean you have to hire more people; that means that your customers get their orders on time for the lowest possible shipping rate. Our warehouse has easy access to the San Jose region and all major highways; our geographic location enables us to provide same-day delivery services.

6g Logistic full-service logistics and warehousing services include

Receiving inventory

Full inventory management

Manage “just in time” deliveries of non-perishables for small businesses

Re-box, re-sort and re-label products for resellers

Repacking cartons or pallets for delivery

The light assembly of merchandise out of the box

Same-day deliveries of your products throughout the region

Out-of-region and cross-country shipping via common carrier of your choice or through our brokerage

Product inspection of received goods

Last-mile delivery at a specified time to a specific location.

Retailers, manufacturers, construction professionals, resellers are just a few industries that rely on 6g Logistic for their smaller scale logistics and warehousing needs.

6g Logistic has been a member of the Customized Logistics and Delivery Association (CLDA) since its founding. It is the largest trade association in the industry for providing time-critical and last-mile deliveries.