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Warehousing and Logistics Services in Pakistan

We provide a tried-and-true, cutting-edge software solution for automated storage, distribution, bespoke packaging, and shipping e-commerce online order fulfillment. With a faultless track record of customer satisfaction when handling the shipment and delivering at the doorsteps of your clients and partners, we help enhance the business’s revenue.

International Freight Forwarding Services in Pakistan

Our considerable experience in ocean and air freight forwarding services in Pakistan has enabled us to combine our sub-hub or hub’s global reach with an exceptional road network. These variables collaborated to build a strong foundation for Supply Chains and Management.

Freight Forwarders in Pakistan

Freight forwarding is acting on behalf of exporters and importers to ensure that commodities are transported efficiently and cost-effectively to their final destination. Freight forwarders in Pakistan organize adequate transportation for commodities to be delivered safely.

The freight forwarding services do not require you to handle the items but rather operate as a specialist in the company’s supply chains. 6g Logistics freight forwarding company is a significant organization in Pakistan that serves as a ‘carrier,’ taking freight for transport and ensuring its customers’ items are transported as safely as possible to their destination.

Pakistani Freight Forwarding Services We prepare and process customs and other paperwork. Furthermore, We carry out activities related to foreign shipments’ imports and exports. In addition, our organization is well-known for being a non-vessel operating common carrier.

You may easily manage your shipments with the tailored services provided by 6g logistics. You can trust us to carry your items regardless of their size, point of origin, or destination. We offer both air freight forwarding and maritime freight forwarding.

Bring Continuous Improvements

6g logistics staff works around the clock to find more innovative and better ways to meet your needs. Our team’s unwavering confidence that nothing is impossible has helped us become one of the greatest logistics firms in the country. That same belief has been responsible for our continuous improvement. Being the best freight forwarder in Pakistan takes work. We make all possible improvements to make our customers satisfied.