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6g Logistics is all about quality supply chain- The best logistics company in Canada

We provide the best logistics service in Canada. Apart from the worse weather conditions and several other logistics challenges, we assure on-time, affordable and smooth deliveries to make our customer’s experience most pleasing.

Thinking About Logistics Company in Canada– 6g Logistics has got you covered.

Prices have risen all around the world since the COVID-19 outbreak. Of course, this has had an influence on the supply chain business, affecting how quickly and efficiently commodities can be moved from one area to another (i.e., price hesitation at different steps of the supply chain leads to decision delays).

According to experts, inflation rates have been high for various reasons, including a shift in consumer demand in the entertainment, consumer electronics, and food goods industries.

eCommerce Shipping and Logistics

Companies are now trying to hire labor for production and distribution hubs more than ever. Shipments are delayed when there is insufficient staff to fulfill orders. As a result, corporations invest more in technology and human resources to keep manufacturing running, resulting in price increases.

The trucking industry in Canada is likewise battling a workforce deficit, making it harder to manage increases in demand without delays. In other circumstances, shipments must be stored at the warehouse until sufficient drivers can transport them.

Providing various options to move goods in Canada

Freight Forwarders Services in Canada

Moving shipments/cargo from or to Canada is also made through freight. Our major challenge is reaching the right destination n the given time. We always meet our customer’s requirements, repeatedly choosing 6g Logistics.

LTL Delivery services in Canada

6g Logistics is mastered in LTL service. Our team is dedicated to assisting your company in saving money on all freight services. 6g Logistics can help you ship smarter and stay competitive, whether you’re shipping LTL or volume, inward or outbound, standard or expedited!

Reduced shipping costs are a simple approach to battle rising business expenses, and we utilize our purchasing power with national and regional carriers to pass the savings on to you.


Interested? Let us give you a free, no-obligation freight study that compares rates from your current shipping invoices to what you would have paid if you had used 6g Logistics.

Warehousing and Fulfilment solutions in Canada

We securely store your consignments according to their requirements. Packaging and storing for the next step, shipping. Which is the final and the second-most crucial step in logistics after safely storing them. Choosing the best service according to the client’s requirements, we then move the consignments to their respective buyers.
Shipping & Logistics Management at 6g logistics is done at its best. If you’re ready to ship, request a free quote now.