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The 6g LogisticPackage Guide.

6G Logistics is a leading Fulfilment and B2B Logistics Platform specializing in Supply Chain and eCommerce Logistics.

This package guide will help you easily understand everything. Our two smallest package sizes are simple to imagine. The only true limit is their weight. Throw some stuff in there (under the weight limit, of course) and ship it.

But then you move into the three larger sizes, bound both by volume and weight. Volume can be quite difficult to visualize. This is why we created this guide, as well as the handy calculator in your dashboard (hint: see the GIF below).


For all shipments over one pound, you want to make sure you are getting the biggest bang out of each volume break. So, we’re here to help with that. 

In this package guide, we’ll talk a bit more about each package size and suggest some of the most popular boxes for our larger sizes. So, without further ado, here are our fabulous packages.



At a dainty limit of half a pound, this package can look like many things.


It can be a very lightbox, probably full of loose feathers. Or a pouch packed with a pair of mittens.


Go wild with it. Just don’t go over half a pound.


Things you could ship that is under Micro:



When you’ve gone too wild with the Micro and crested its limits, you’ve moved into the Mini territory.

Topping out at one pound, this package isn’t one shape or size. Once again, it’s anything you want to send that is less than a pound (but more than half a pound).


Beyond that and you’ve wound up in the world of volume limits.


Things you could ship that is under Mini:

The Small

(aka, Fanny Pack)

Perched proudly just below the belly and packed full of all the required essentials of a day out (chapstick, phone, keys, wallet, 64 cents, some lint), the Fanny Pack is an ideal form factor for the small things in life.


And, what better name for our smallest package size. This modestly dimensioned package comes in a variety of shapes.

With a maximum volume of 172 cubic inches, one must choose their box carefully in order to properly fill out the allowable space. Or, merely reference this handy guide.

We’ve chosen a selection of the more common box sizes available for purchase wherever you get your packaging. The boxes that size out the closest to the max volume for this package are highlighted below.


Things that fit in a few of these boxes:

The Medium

(aka, the Lunchbox)

Whether adorned with the determined countenance of She-Ra or the triumphant visage of Luke Skywalker, the lunch box is an iconic conveyer of midday sustenance.

It fits all one needs to maintain their energy after a long morning staring at the chalkboard.


So, naturally, this is what we call our medium package size. We don’t recommend Sendling your lunch though.

This package size tops out at 518 cubic inches. Below, we’ve selected a handful of the most popular sizes that fall into the realm of this lunch box package size. The boxes that get closest to the maximum volume are highlighted.


Things that fit in a few of these boxes:

The Large

(aka, Grandma’s Purse)

A veritable black hole of miscellany and hard candies, grandma’s purse seems to hold not only an endless supply of tissues and random snacks but also the mysteries of the universe.

We don’t quite know what’s in there, but it’s a lot. What an apt analog for our largest package size!


With a maximum volume of 864 cubic inches, the large package size encompasses so many different box dimensions. Again, to get as close to the max as possible, you’ll want to look at the highlighted boxes below.

boxes size

Things that fit in a few of these boxes:

With this information close at hand, you can easily click the right package size each time without wondering if it fits the bill. 


Unless your wares are especially heavy, you are unlikely to hit the weight limit for each size. But, it’s always good to keep in mind.


If you’d rather have this handy guide in a print-friendly form, just click the button below to download the fancy PDF version.


Happy packing!