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The best California Delivery Service for Your Business

Delivery Dates -Sometimes, they can be a business’s best friend, but other times they can be the worst enemy. When it comes to time-sensitive shipments, deadlines are often a person’s worst nightmare because they work under the gun. What time will my package be picked up? What is the process of getting it there? What type of service do I need for my shipment? What time will my shipment be delivered? When working against such a deadline, it is times like this where a same-day courier service becomes a necessity. And especially a courier service who will work with you and guarantee that your delivery will get to its location within the timetable that you need.

6g Logistic provides a large assortment of courier delivery services and warehouse services to customers. Same-day delivery services can be vital in almost every form of business, which we understand entirely.

The key to providing same-day services such as those supplied by 6g Logistic is working with a company that understands the shipper’s pressures. The reality is that not all shipments are going to be the same. Some loads will be as small as a few pieces of paper, while others may be significant pieces of equipment. These two shipments will require two different forms of transportation. We understand the business needs!

6g Logistic is here to manage the same-day logistics services with the most trusted California Delivery Service. That is too time and cost-effective.

We aim to provide a successful and credible shipment operation to businesses and brands with our same-day delivery.

A Large Warehouse for Product Storage

One of the most significant benefits of partnering with 6g Logistic is the comprehensive and modernly designed warehouse conveniently located in the California metropolitan area. The warehouse is used to hold onto goods that will soon be shipped to another location.

Businesses of all sizes need a place to safely and securely store their products before shipping them to other office locations, businesses, or customers. Using the 6g Logistic warehouse to keep your company’s products means you do not have to take up valuable storage space at your daily operations site. When goods are ready to be shipped, 6g Logistic can deliver directly from their warehouse as needed. Or, if the customer prefers, they can pick up their product themselves or choose another shipment method.

Also, you will have access to additional warehousing services that may be needed to ensure proper handling and delivery of your products. The staff at 6g Logistic will monitor and even inventory them around the clock. This service can also save transport time and increase the possibility of delivering your product the same day and in some cases within a few hours of your call.

Same-Day Delivery in California

6g Logistic offers its clients same-day delivery service within a 250-mile radius of their location. Because of their prime location in the heart of California, 6g Logistic can offer same-day freight for their clients to their partners. This makes 6g Logistic an ideal choice to receive, store and deliver your products.

When using same-day delivery from 6g Logistic, you will be able to see where your package is located during transit. 6g Logistic uses GPS tracking on all of their shipments to ensure that they are delivered on time and via the best route possible, so you are not waiting for hours on end for the products to arrive. This is especially important for clients waiting for medication or time-sensitive documents. Millions of medications are shipped every day, with a large portion of them being used for lifesaving purposes, which means a reliable shipping method must be used.

Besides courier services, 6g Logistics offers service in California and the Tri-state area for more significant deliveries. Entitled Less Than Truckload (LTL) services, we can save you billable hours and time by using the same approach for courier services with our fleet of trucks. What sets us apart is that we minimize the handling of your goods, which in turn reduces damage or misrouting while in transit to its final destination. The fleets we use have the updated equipment that secures your load while in transit and delivers it to your clients. We have lift gates available at no extra charge if needed.