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Types of freight vehicles used in truck transportation services in California

Types of freight vehicles used in truck transportation services in California

We only know about logistics management and how these truck transportation services in California work. Today we will enlighten you with sufficient knowledge of the types of trucks used for freight transportation and trucking services.

What exactly is a Freight Truck?

A freight truck moves items from one spot to another. The truck’s body is built around a sturdy frame and a powerful engine to readily transport bigger weights. Typically, they move goods between warehouses, producers, wholesalers, and retailers. Almost anything moved interstate or internationally will be transported on a truck at some time.

Freight trucks range from small pickups and semi-trailers that transport small to large items to giant carriers that can transport massive freight.

These are the most common freight truck kinds and what they can carry.

Flatbed freight truck

As the name implies, a flatbed freight vehicle has a flat open trailer attached to the back of the truck with no sides or top. Flatbeds can transport big cargo that is too broad for an enclosed trailer on a vehicle. It also facilitates loading and unloading. Straps or other mechanisms secure the load to the bed.

Flatbed trucks, which can load approximately 48,000 pounds, are famous for their versatility with transportation and logistics organizations. They are perfect for transporting building materials, machinery, automobiles, and other large shipment.

Some have extensible flatbeds that can accommodate freight that is too lengthy for a traditional flatbed trailer.

Freight truck with a step deck

A step deck freight truck is comparable to a flatbed truck. It is a drop deck or lowboy trailer. The trailer bed has two decks. Lofty and big items are typically stored on the bottom level.

A step deck freight truck may easily clear low bridges, even with a tall load, because the cargo rides lower. The lower ground clearance also facilitates loading and unloading. The most significant advantage of step deck trailers is that they may transport tall material without requiring additional licenses.

Reefer cargo truck

A reefer freight truck, often known as a refrigerated truck, is designed to transport perishables and other items that require precise temperature control. The refrigerated compartment is directly connected to the truck’s frame or attached as a trailer. The refrigeration unit is located in the trailer’s front or above the truck’s cab.

Reefers also include a control unit to change the container temperature. Food, medical supplies, cold drinks, and other perishable goods are the most regularly transported items.

Reefers are more expensive than non-refrigerated vehicles because they consume more gasoline.

Dry van freight truck

They are one of the most common types of freight trucks towed by an enclosed, non-temperature-controlled trailer. The sealed trailer protects the contents from the elements and potential transit damage. Instead of flatbed trailers, dry vans are typically utilized for huge loads of palletized, packed, or loose material.

Dry van freight can also transport cars, machinery, and other heavy equipment that can fit within an enclosed trailer. Because there is always a strong need for these freight trucks, your chances of acquiring dry van jobs are also better.

Box Freight Truck

A box freight truck sometimes called a cube truck, takes its name from its box-shaped cargo compartment. The cargo box is normally mounted on a frame and is separate from the truck’s cabin. However, some box trucks include a door between the cab and the cargo space.

Box trucks exist in various sizes and are commonly used to transport parcels and food and move home appliances and furniture.

Freight Tanker Truck

Tanker trucks transport liquids and gases. The car is towing a cylindrical tank on a semi-trailer. Tanker trucks transport fuel and other liquids like milk, wine, juice, and industrial chemical fluids.

The cylindrical tank can be refrigerated or non-refrigerated, insulated or non-insulated, and pressurized or non-pressurized, depending on the fluid. Internal compartments allow the tanks to accommodate numerous loads while reducing liquid sloshing.

Tanker trucks can be challenging and require expert drivers to restrain liquid sloshing inside the tank.

Freight Semi-Trailer Truck

A semi-trailer truck has a semi-trailer with no front axle or wheels. When unhooked from the vehicle, the trailer also has legs and wheels that may be lowered for further support. A truck can also tow one or two additional trailers, known as doubles and triples, which can transport large amounts of cargo over long distances.

A variety of names are also known as semi-trailer trucks, amongst them, the most common are the 18-wheeler, big rig, tractor-trailer, and semi-truck.

Semi-trailer freight trucks are essential for most industries, because, they help in moving raw materials and finished items to huge cargo. 

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