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Your Pocket Guide to the World of Warehousing

When you’re dabbling in the e-commerce business, wrapping your head around the industry and its ever-evolving methods can be a bit of a fickle. And it’s okay to not always know the most effective and convenient methods. It would be better for your business if you did, though. Yes, it’s complicated, but 3rd Party logistics partners like us are always ready to help with your operational and technical issues, including revamping your existing strategy or working our way around weaknesses and evading bottlenecks in operations. At 6g Logistic, we handle everything from the storing and packaging of goods to their distribution and supply chain management. Our optimized warehousing provides the ultimate solution. All you have to do is let us know.

Keeping Up with Expectations

Between technology advancing as fast as ever into our daily lives and the global economy taking a digital turn, it’s up to 3PL partners like us to keep up with the growing network of supply and demand through automated means. Of course, this means including efficient and reliable software into the industry that can handle these tasks for us with the minimum chance of error. Our proven and advanced software solution automates the distributing, storing, as well as custom shipping processes. This helps us keep an eye on everything that goes on at all times, allowing us to keep track of your goods and ensure that they are delivered to your customers and partners on time and as requested.

No matter how much technology progresses, it will never be able to replace people, at least that’s what we believe at 6g Logistic. So, in order to further minimize the risk of error, all our automated processes undergo strict observation by our talented team of experts.

If you’re still not convinced, then you’ll be glad to know that we’ve helped hundreds of small and mid-tier e-commerce businesses bloom since the start of 6g Logistic, all the more reason to call ourselves the perfect e-commerce warehousing partners in California.

Order Management

Our order management system is one of the most renowned ones in California. We use powerful API integrations and the best e-commerce plugins with almost every popular developer platform there is! This helps us remove bottlenecks in your business strategy and smooth out your operational processes. This approach in order management allows us to facilitate your online orders efficiently while keeping track of them from the moment they leave our warehouse till the customer receives them.

And once your customers are happy with your services, it’s only a matter of time until your business goes big, and with us on your side, you’ll be in for a hassle and stress-free ride to success.

Tailor-Made Solutions

At 6g Logistic, we’re not afraid to admit that our strength lies in our ability to procure tailor-made solutions that fit each client’s individual requirements. This gives us an edge over our competition and makes us unique from the client’s perspective. We aim to make fulfilment and last-mile shipping processes the cornerstones of our client’s business, guaranteeing growth and prosperity in the future.

Our in-house shipping and 3rd party carriers allow us to move goods throughout California swiftly and affordably. We also urge our clients who own e-commerce or retail businesses to reap the full benefits of working with us by enabling our members and clients to analyze and compare shipping charges so they can choose their own shipping plan as it suits them. If they are not up to par with any of our client’s expectations, we do not hesitate to think out of the box and create new and diverse processes that can further simplify operations.

In order to ensure our members are always aware of how we’re handling their processes, we use API documentation. Our basic integration setup with shipping carriers allows us to boost the shipment processes by a wide margin and increase net productivity.

Our years of experience in supply chain and e-commerce logistics has enabled us to refine our methods and amplify sales to help your business succeed by simplifying the flow of operations and providing additional services to our clients that can range from pre-assembling equipment and adding labels to textile products to stocking display units.