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Ecommerce Warehousing and Fulfillment Solutions.

Why 6g Logistic?

6g Logistic is a 3PL company with expertise in e-commerce. We aim to ensure that e-commerce businesses can ship their goods quickly and cost-effectively worldwide.


Our Operations

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Ecommerce Warehousing

We offer a proven, advanced software solution for automated storage, distribution, customized packaging, and shipping e-commerce online order solutions. We help boost the business’s revenue with a perfect track record of customer satisfaction when handling the package and delivering at the doorsteps of your customers and partners.

Order Management System

We manage your products and facilitate online orders with powerful API integrations and eCommerce plugins with every popular developer platform. We’re taking the operational burden off your shoulders with smooth customer service for a hassle-free order process.

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Shipping and Fulfilment

We are making fulfillment and last-mile shipping processes in USA the cornerstone of your business growth, empowering eCommerce and retail businesses to make the most of our in-house shipping and 3rd party carriers to move orders quickly and affordably.

6G Logistic enables our members to analyze and compare shipping costs to select the one that benefits them best. Easy API documentation and basic integrations with shipping carriers can boost the shipment process and increase sales with the best potential.

With 6g Logistic, You Can Get

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The fastest services for eCommerce warehouse

Third-party logistics, or 3PL, has become a significant part of an efficient supply chain for many businesses. As a 3PL partner, we make it simple for companies to outsource some or all of their logistics and warehousing.

6g Logistic’s specialty is e-commerce. We help e-commerce businesses streamline their supply chain. You don’t have to invest in your warehouse, prepare for an unexpected need for workforce, or negotiate transportation deals.

Trackable eCommerce delivery solution

When you opt 6g Logistic eCommerce shipping solution, our order fulfillment software will keep you and your customers updated online bout the progress of each order.

Every address is checked as it enters our system. We’ll notify you about errors, so you can correct them with your customers and prevent unwanted shipping delays.

Your customers will receive a unique link to an online portal, where they can track their order, in real-time, through pick and pack, labeling, and shipping.

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Improved cash flow with professional eCommerce logistics services

We understand that building a warehouse is challenging, investing in technology, and hiring employees to manage. Connecting with 6g Logistic, you can run a more efficient operation and maintain better cash flow by stocking what you need. All of those become our responsibility.

Scalability with the eCommerce logistics company

Depending on your business’ nature or experience, products, inventory, and goods can fluctuate. Whether it’s seasonal fluctuations or rapid growth in a small-time, outsourcing your warehousing needs to 6g Logistic is perfect. We believe in growing with you, so you can omit the stress of getting expand


We can receive your product deliveries, ship them, and store them out in various configurations to your customers, locations, or anywhere else -all when there is limited on-site space at your place of business. Our eCommerce logistic flexibility allows you to be more responsive to your customers’ needs.

Warehousing & Fulfillment Solutions
Fulfillment Solutions & shipping

Better Distribution Location from delivery service for eCommerce

We understand the challenges of scheduling pickups and deliveries for your products if your business is situated in a rural area. It results in delays that can spoil the reputation of any company. Our warehouse is located in Santa Ana and has easy access to the greater metropolitan region and all major highways; our geographic location enables us to provide same-day delivery services.


Connect with and meet your customers’ need

6g Logistic’s expert staff and equipped facility meet all your logistics needs. We specialize in LTL transportation, and we have the necessary procedures and safety precautions to make sure that your products are delivered and stored with the best care possible.

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